A Retrograde Look At The DOOM Film

A quick look at the DOOM film.

It’s no secret that video game film adaptations are pretty bad. Recently, the Sonic The Hedgehog movie broke that curse, but as a rule, it is known video game movies don’t do very well.

Either because the director is not well-versed in the game’s lore or studios like putting video game films in the hands of people who don’t actually play video games.

Maybe this will change as the next generation of directors start moving into Hollywood. But for now video game movies are expected to flop. One such flop was the 2005 DOOM film.

It’s a pretty bad movie. But a bad film that I have watched thirteen times because despite it being so awful, I love it. Here’s why.

Karl Urban

Although Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson was also in this film, I liked how Karl Urban’s character was treated.

I don’t want to get too into it because the way the character’s arc plays out is the biggest surprise of the film, which was risky but done quite well.

Doom Karl

That First Person Scene

In the film, there is a scene where a character faces off against the demons in a fast-paced shootout. What makes this scene stand out is that it is shot entirely in first-person, making it look like a video game.

This scene made the film for me and it really captured that ‘Doom-Guy’ feel.

So, Why Was It So Bad?

I have a soft spot for movies where characters are sulking around dark passages and using a room as a safe place while the monsters lurk outside. It’s why I really like The Evil Dead movies.

While DOOM didn’t go all out on that trope, it did have some silly action scenes and cheesy one-liners, which are all fun but also brings the film down to a trashy level. To me, these aspects make it a guilty pleasure.

If this movie came out in the 80s, I suspect it would have done very well. But it came out during a time when movies being taken more seriously.

People wanted engaging stories with well-rounded characters. Having a guy ask a man eating a live rat if he is okay, then wasting an entire clip trying to shoot him is ridiculous.

The film failed because it is just a dumb action movie that borrows elements of the game’s theme. Though it is so silly that it makes for an enjoyable watch.

I’d know. I’ve seen the film thirteen times because whenever it is on I just can’t resist watching it again and again.