A Retrograde Journey Through Hell With Dante’s Inferno

I go to hell and back in this retrograde look at Dante’s Inferno.

**Abandon all hope ye’ who enter here… because this article is NSFW**

Dante Alighieri’s poem The Divine Comedy is by far one of the most influential pieces of literature to come out of one of the most important eras in human history.

The Renaissance was an age of a cultural revolution. The reason why this poem is so influential is because it has stitched itself into one of the biggest religions in the world by giving people a visual idea of heaven and hell that is still used today.

Ten years ago, EA Games decided to give the go ahead on a hack and slash game loosely based on this poem.

Forewarning: the topic of this article will be controversial and crude. Developers did a lot to lay down an aesthetic that stands out and makes players feel repulsed and scared of their environment, which we will explore.


What Should Have Been The Next God of War

Dante’s Inferno ripped gameplay right out of God of War with the same sort of hack ‘n slash combat and QTE finishers. The game is brutal and gory, which adds to the whole mood.

While the title is loosely inspired by the poem, it does its own thing for the most part. You play as Dante, a Templar during the Third Crusade. After you do some nasty things, you take a knife to the back and are forced to fight against death.

You take his bad-ass scythe with you when you return home, only to find your father and wife are dead. The devil takes the soul of your wife, Beatrice to hell.

So, you follow them down into the nine circles to battle demons and slay the kings and queens of each realm. Or, that’s an overly simplified version of the story.

And, Then The Party Begins…

Hell is… simply put… pretty f*cked up. I don’t want to spoil it for newcomers but this game has an amazing aesthetic that stays true to the poem but also adds every disgusting depiction we have of hell.

It was all pretty tame in Limbo before I ventured into the circle of Lust and had to fight Cleopatra who was climbing a giant tower in the shape of a dong.

This is all happening while half-naked female demons make pleasure noises and shoot tentacles out from between their legs…well, you get the picture. It was weird and disturbing, but I liked it.

It gets even worse. I’m pretty sure while climbing down into the circle of Gluttony I had to dodge bloody buttholes that farted out fire. Also. I was eaten by some hulking slob of a demon a few times.

Not to mention the fallen Angels. This game is just the wildest thing I have played and if you have the stomach for it, you should really give it a go even though the final act gets a bit tedious.

It’s a shame the game never saw a sequel as was intended. Then again, what could have been a sequel? Slaying good souls in heaven?