5 Things Rockstar Needs to Add to Red Dead Online

Here is a list of five things I wish to be added to Red Dead Online.

2020 has been a lacklustre year for Red Dead Online. Either it was the work from home rules that slowed the Rockstar team down (though GTA has been getting a lot of love this year).

Or, what fans suspect is true: Rockstar is letting Red Dead Online die in favour of GTA Online.

Personally, I think Rockstar is waiting to do a next-gen remaster of the game and go all out on updates like they did for GTA Online when it transitioned to Xbox One and PS4.

Red Dead

Either way, the Red Dead community has just about had it with Rockstar’s neglecting of Red Dead Online. Rockstar promised more roles will be added this year, but all we have gotten is a Naturalist role that most players seem to hate.

So, here are some things I hope to see in the uncertain future of Red Dead Online.

1. More Mini-Games

Poker is a lot of fun in Red Dead Online. While the game’s single-player mode had dominos, blackjack and more, the online counterpart could do with some more games.

Even if they could add Liar’s Dice from the first game, I think it will breathe more life into the mode.

2. More To Do In The Desert

I really wish the Western side of the map was more like the region was in the first game. Hopefully, over time we will see that side of the map progressively change to be like what it was in the first game. At the moment, it is pretty much dead.

Red dead online

3. Owning Property

This was datamined a while ago, but there have been no updates on it. I really think Rockstar need to put in the properties as soon as they can. Players are asking to set down roots into this beautiful game world.

I find myself operating around Blackwater and occasionally in Rhodes. I’ve seen much of the map and would like to start investing into these towns.

4. A Gambler Role

I’d really like to see a role that revolves around poker and any other mini-games they may add. Maybe even adding the casino boat from the single-player mode.

It’s something that would add to the game and gives those who like poker a chance to progress with their winnings.

5. Mexico

It’s there. I’ve glitched into that side of the map before and there are some weird things down there like graves and rendered areas that are impossible to see from the within bounds map.

With GTA getting a map expansion soon, the idea of Mexico being added to the game at some point isn’t impossible. But right now, it seems very unlikely despite being a heavily-requested addition.

Red Dead Online is in dire need of content. I’m afraid that another year like this for the game would be the death of it as lobbies are becoming less populated every time I log on.

Rockstar needs to put effort into it if they want players to put effort into playing.