Remembering Sean Connery

A fond look back at some of my favourite movies, starring the late Sean Connery.

Sean Connery was the first Bond. He was King Arthur. He was Indiana Jones’ dad. He was the voice of The Draco. He was Zed in an underrated movie called Zardoz, among so much more.

He made himself a legend in the world and pop culture. With his charming Scottish accent and his slick smile, Sean Connery will forever be remembered as a legend.

In light of his recent passing, I decided to pay tribute to Connery by looking at  how he played a huge part in my childhood and, in part, inspired me to be the storyteller I am today.

A Spy

Sean Connery is best known for his role as Ian Fleming’s 007 James Bond. He starred in seven Bond movies and for many is the image that comes to mind when people talk about the famous spy.

Sean Connery had the looks, voice and attitude to be the slick spy and the role did a lot of good for his career as he became a household name.


The Gunslinger

One movie that not many people know about is Zardoz. I don’t even though how to explain this movie but Rick and Morty did a spoof of it once.

Sean Connery’s outfit in this film helped make it a cult classic. I’d highly recommend you check it out if you want to watch some of his lesser known movies. However, prepare for a trip!


Dr. Jones

Sean Connery also played Indiana Jones’ dad, which is odd given the fact that he is only twelve years older than lead actor Harrison Ford. The film had some iconic moments with the pair and their on-screen chemistry really made this one of the better movies in the series.


A King and A Dragon

Sean Connery also acted as King Arthur alongside Richard Gere in First Knight. As well as Dragonheart (a movie that I grew up on), where he lent his voice.

These are only a few of the many movies Sean Connery acted in. His legacy will forever be remembered in these films. 

Personally, I will always find time to re-watch many of these films simply because they were all very good. Chances are, if I have kids, I will introduce Dragonheart to them, since it is one of my favourite movies of all-time.

Dragon heart

Rest in peace, Sean Connery. Thank you for all the great experiences!