Opinion: Ubisoft’s Own Worst Enemy is Itself

Can a company hurt itself by releasing too many games at once?

You know, I actually like Ubisoft games. I don’t play them all and I don’t follow everything the company does. I had heard there was a shake up behind closed doors with abuse allegations, but I’m not as invested in the company to fully know who is who and what positions they have.

I just play some of their games. Though I have noticed something this year that I’m confused about because, as someone who is trying to break into the creative industry myself, I just can’t look at Ubisoft’s plan for the future and not wonder what is going through their head.

This is not about their worth ethic or how the company let go of some toxic staff members earlier this year as that is a conversation on its own. This is about their poorly planned release schedule.


Credit: Ubisoft

A Little Familiar

Ubisoft is a huge company and I like how they haven’t put themselves in a box with genres. They do all sorts of genres. Their games do have a sense of copy paste in them, though.

Far Cry’s radio towers is pretty much Assassin’s Creed’s vantage points. One could argue, “if the formula works, it works.” But let’s be honest; it does get stale.

I really appreciated the efforts put in Assassin’s Creed Origins to change up that series, which was in dire need of a new fresh take. And I’m glad to see Ubisoft embracing their new formula with Assassin’s Creed even if it is just for the next few titles before something new comes along.

Though how long they drag out this new formula will be heavily scrutinised. In fact, with Valhalla’s impending release, it already is.

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs Legion Credit: Ubisoft

Two’s a Party but Three’s a Crowd

This is my biggest gripe with Ubisoft’s plans. They honestly feel so poorly planned out that I am concerned for their upcoming IP: Immortals: Fenyx Rising.

Not only has Watch Dogs Legions just launched but Assassin’s Cred Valhalla launches in November and Immortals which again, is a new IP, launches in December.

This makes no sense?

Not only is this release window already crowded with Cyperpunk 2077 that was recently delayed to December but Ubisoft is just piling games on people without giving the games time to breathe.

We aren’t all made of money, much to their despair. I’m worried Immortals fails not because it is a bad game (it looks really good), but because it can’t compete in an overcrowded release window, which is being filled mostly by Ubisoft.

I hope Ubisoft knows what they are doing because if Immortals fails the IP is dead and I’m really excited to see how that IP will play out.

Do you think Ubisoft should give their titles more breathing room?