Top 5 Worst Types of Among Us Players

Here are some types of Among Us people just can’t stand.

So, like a lot of people, I have been playing a lot of Among Us. When the game first started getting popular on YouTube and Twitch, I was a bit skeptical. I had played some social deduction games before. However, I hadn’t really enjoyed them.

But InnerSloth is practically giving Among Us away on Steam and I had recently seen some really funny Among Us clips; so I decided, “why not?”

At this point, I’ve spent a couple of hours playing the game, mostly in public lobbies. And, if there is anything that playing hours of Call of Duty Zombies online has taught me, it is that pubs will make you lose faith in humanity.

Okay, maybe I’m being a little overdramatic. But, while I have mostly enjoyed my time playing the game, I would be hard-pressed to say that there aren’t a handful of common annoying types of players. So, without further ado, here are the top 5 worst types of Among Us players:

5. The Player Looking to Hook Up

So, I’d be stupid to say that gaming isn’t a way to meet people. After all, I’ve made many friends online and even have friends who got married after meeting in a public lobby of a video game. Call me a boomer, though, but I don’t think voting sessions is the perfect time to be asking some random person for their Instagram handle.

For example, in one lobby I was in, a player asked if there were any girls playing. Then, when somebody said yes, he began asking for her social media handle. Now, the issue isn’t that he was asking for her handle. Or, that she gave to him.

among us worst players

Credit: InnerSloth

It was that throughout the entire game they used the chat to flirt with each other instead of debate who the imposter was. And, this is okay for a while. But it grows old after you’re in your third game with these players still not paying any attention to anything other than each other.

4. Trolls

For the purpose of this piece, I’m defining a troll in Among Us as a person who actively works against their team regardless of whether they are an imposter or crewmate. Perhaps, they do it for the lols. Or, maybe to see if other players will believe them. Whatever the reason, it can destroy a round.

For example, let’s say you’re a crewmate (Cyan) and you are in a room with another crewmate (Pink). Then, a dead body is reported and you are now thrown into deliberations to kick somebody off.

among us players

Credit: InnerSloth

All of a sudden, Pink starts accusing you for no reason. Neither you nor Pink were near the body, but the only thing you read on the chat screen is “CYAN JUMPED IN VENT” and “VOTE CYAN”. This would all be fine if Pink were an imposter, but he isn’t. He just threw you under the bus for no reason.

The only thing that could make a situation like this worse is if your team loses because of this troll’s attempts at being funny.

3. Memesters

A lot of the time, I don’t mind people who play the game with a persona based on memes in Among Us rounds. But like people trying to hook up, the joke can get a little stale if:

  1. You don’t know how to factor it into gameplay
  2. If you keep on disrupting multiple rounds in succession
among us gameplay

Credit: InnerSloth

So, let me give an example. The other day, I was in a lobby where a person with the handle “KAREN” joined. The whole lobby filled the chat with fearful messages, playing up to the meme before the round started.

When the round started, KAREN was voted off first, mostly, as a joke. And, the player took it well with comments like “I want to speak to the manager”, etc. before being thrown out the airlock.

But in the rounds following this, this same player filled the chat with famous lines from Karen videos instead of playing the game. It would have been fine if they had intertwined these jokes with gameplay. But again, the chat was being polluted with rubbish making the game harder to play.

2. The Player with a Gut Feeling

Similar to trolls, players with gut feelings just randomly name other players because they have a “feeling” this specific player is the imposter. There is no other reasoning than “[Insert colour here] is sus.”

bad among us players

Next thing you know, the player with the “gut feeling” (who is also not the imposter) has led the whole crew into believing an innocent person is an imposter and they are voted off. All because one player with a gut feeling thought they were “sus”.

This is funny when it happens once in a while, but after a few rounds where people just falsely accuse others under no basis (particularly at the beginning of the round), it becomes annoying. Especially as you don’t have to vote out anyone if you really don’t know who committed the murder.

Skipping is a tactical option. But, no; someone is dead and now someone has to pay. May as well just vote colours off alphabetically. We’ll eventually get who did it by virtue of elimination.

1. Cheaters

By far, the worst thing that can happen in a public lobby is other players cheating. It just takes the fun out of everything. So, what is a cheater in Among Us?


Well, the most common version of cheating I have seen is situations where it is blatantly clear that a crewmate and an imposter are working together. For example, there is one imposter left and three crewmates. The imposter kills another player in front of you and his crewmate friend.

You think to yourself, “what a stupid imposter.” But the next thing you know, you’re the one being bolted out the chute because those two teamed up against you. The game ends with the imposter winning because, of course, yes.

Unfortunately, there is no way to know whether people are teaming up together in a lobby unless they make it obvious.

Among Us is Still Fun Tho…

Despite some people being trashy players, I still really enjoy Among Us. If you haven’t tried it, I recommend you do so. I will say that you’ll have more fun with some real-life friends or friends you met in other games in private lobbies. However, there is still some fun to be had in pubs if that’s your only option.

What is the worst type of player in Among Us in your opinion? Please share in the comments below.