Red Dead Online: Halloween Pass

A quick look at the Halloween content in Red Dead Online!

Halloween is upon us and so games are celebrating spooky season across the board. Red Dead Online has been a bit slow with content this year, but they managed to make an enjoyable limited time Halloween-themed mode and decent pass for the season.

I do have gripes, but I am enjoying this mode.

Weird West

The Dead of Night mode pits teams against each others in a typical deathmatch fashion. The sky is burns red and there are NPCs called The Dead who look like zombies who protect ritual sites.

In these ritual sites lay masks that look more like skulls. After a player fights off the horde and any other rival player in the area and interacts with the mask, their entire team turns into Night Stalkers.

Foul creatures of the night who can run faster, jump absurdly higher, hit harder and take more damage. They also score double points while in this form.

Though they can only use throwing axes and a machete while human players have a revolver, shotgun, Molotov and repeater.

Everyone has to contend with The Dead who actually annoy me because they feel lazy.

The Dead

So, these NPCs look like zombies and in their description they sound like zombies. I was expecting them to be like they were in the classic Undead Nightmare DLC for Red Dead 1.

Instead, they are just regular NPCs with guns that still sound human and behave like regular humans. It just feels lazy.

Rockstar has been criticised for giving the bare minimum to Red Dead Online this year while the content they have given us felt severely lacking. Every time I see these NPCs in this limited time mode it just makes me think of how lazy it is.

The mode’s aesthetic is really cool and the music that changes when players become Night Stalkers adds to the excitement. Even when the mode glitches and prevents masks from working, it still looks good but those poorly done NPCs just hinder so much of this mode’s potential.

This mode is only available for a limited time so best to jump in soon.