Fortnitemares 2020

A look at Fortnitemares 2020!

It has been an interesting year for Fortnite. Their new Marvel-themed season is still underway, which has intertwined Fortnite with the Marvel Universe.

The best time of the year for Fortnite has always been from October to December for their Halloween and Christmas events. Every year, Fortnite outdoes themselves and this year is no different.

Ghastly Ghosts

This year, Fortnitemares has opted to do their own spin on the classic Infection mode. When players die they turn into ghosts with a sweet little animation as well.

Then, they can hunt down the surviving players until everyone has been turned into a ghost or until the ghosts are all dead. While being a ghost, one’s health seems to go down fast due to not being able to have a shield.

Even with their abilities like marking human players and their higher jumps, when alone ghosts can be killed easily. But when in a group… it’s best to run…

Spooky Fun

I’ve been playing for a few days and I am having so much fun. When in a squads match with some friends, we were the last team versus another human player as all ghosts had been defeated.

He managed to pin down one of my squadmates and she was eliminated before we could get to her. Myself and my remaining squad members avenged her, but then we heard her burst out laughing in the chat.

She had turned into a ghost and had to hunt down the remaining humans… us!

We couldn’t help but laugh as we engaged in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with each other as she phased through walls and haunted us.

Fortnitemares 2020

Another memorable moment was when another player killed me, turning me into a ghost. Then, as a ghost I took my revenge on him. We started emoting each other in are ghostly forms and realised we had a common emote equipped.

So, we used this to find each other in the rapidly growing ghostly horde. A pack of us cornered a human player and swarmed them. During the chaos, a gas canister was set off and all the ghosts got hurt while the human and the closest ghost were killed in the blast.

After consuming loot to regain health, I used the emote to find my comrade, but one by one the other ghosts left until I was left alone… dancing like an idiot all by myself.

That’s when I realised the ghost that was killed in the blast was my frenemy. I felt a sense of loss and every human player I attacked was in their name.

I’m really enjoying this mode and I’m already looking forward to what Fortnite would have planned for next year’s Spooky season!