The Road To Valhalla: A Retrograde Look At Assassin’s Creed Revelations

Our adventure through the Assassin’s Creed games continues with a closing to Ezio’s story.

Ah, Ezio, the only Assassin’s Creed character who got more than one game in the main series. Assassin’s Creed: Revelations took our favourite assassin to Constantinople to find the secrets left behind by the legendary Altair from the first game.

Revelations was an end to Ezio’s story, but unfortunately, it felt a little rushed…

Ac Revelations screen

Credit: Ubisoft 

Constantinople as a Playground

Constantinople has a lot of history. The city is in a strategic position between Europe and Asia. During the era the game takes place, the Ottoman Empire was holding onto the city with a strong grip.

The first thing you will notice about this map is how colourful it is compared to Rome and the other Italian cities from Ezio’s previous adventures.

I forgot how colourful and vibrant the game was. Constantinople is full of history and landmarks to climb.

Same Game with New Tricks

The game plays exactly like Brotherhood. In fact, all the Ezio games played very similarly. Revelations did spice things up a bit with the additions of the hook blade and bombs. The hook blade allowed players to climb much faster and use ziplines.

It also added some new moves in combat while the bombs added a lot of new ways to tackle a situation. From explosives to bombs for distraction, there were a lot of things to experiment with (the bomb filled with lamb’s blood was a personal favourite.)

Ezio Revelations

Credit: AC Revelations Trailer 

A Rushed Story

Don’t get me wrong, Revelations had a story full of espionage and intrigue but I couldn’t help but feel the game was a tad rushed, especially in its final act. The characters were strong and Ezio really felt like an outsider in this city.

I wish Revelations had more time in development. At the time, Ubisoft was shoving out Assassin’s Creed games yearly and it really started taking its toll round about Revelation’s time period.

Altair Revelations

Credit: Ubisoft

Ezio Auditore da Firenze

Ezio is by far my most loved Assassin’s Creed character. His story was tragic yet uplifting at the same time. He went through a lot. Gained and lost so much. He even won a Video Game Award for the Character of the Year.

Other Assassin’s Creed characters have come close but none have overshadowed the character. As a writer, I strive to create characters as well-rounded and in-depth as Ezio.

We watched him come into this world and followed him through his incredible journey. The ending of the animated short film Embers brought me to tears.

Ezio cover

Credit: Ubisoft 

This was a decent enough end to a legendary character’s story and coupled with the short animated movie Assassin’s Creed Embers, it felt like a good send off to Ezio. Ezio is by far my favourite video game character of all time and his trilogy is considered the Golden Age of Assassin’s Creed.

Here’s to an amazing character who will live forever in our hearts and minds!