Conan Exiles: Isle of Siptah Reveal

A look at the new Conan Exiles reveal!

It was leaked quite a few times and a lot of YouTubers who knew a thing or two about the lore behind Conan The Barbarian have had their “I told you so” moment.

Earlier this month, The Isle of Siptah, a new map expansion for Conan Exiles launched on PC. Though not all blades are sharp in Conan Exiles

New Map

The new map does look amazing. I’ve seen trailers and YouTube videos and I’m impressed with how different it looks from the base game’s map.

The island is lush and beautiful with Redwoods and shipwreck covered beaches as well as a dark foreboding tower and a cold corrupted zone. As expected this map is a love letter to the old books and comics of the same universe.

I can’t wait for it to come to Xbox so I can explore it and try out those nifty new Rhino mounts.

New Threats

Other than the expected new monster types and enemies, there is also a raging storm. Within in it, there are hordes of demonic monsters that will kill anything they come across.

‘The Storm’ as they call it the trailer, looks like a nice little bit of ‘Horde Mode’ gameplay similar to the default map’s The Purge. Just these things look scarier and the storm is flashier as well.

Conan screen

There Are Issues

I play on Xbox and I’ve been on an official server for a while and the game is, simply put, a mess. I’m not sure if it is like this on PC but characters don’t render properly, the game lags and crashes and it just feels so unpolished.

Many have taken issue that Funcom has implemented a new map before fixing some issues in the original map, which seems a little off. Hopefully, the new map does not take all of their attention and they do some much needed fixes here and there for the game as a whole.