Roller Champions Segment Overview

A quick look at the new fast paced game from Ubisoft!

What do you get when you mix rugby, basketball and rollerblades in one big mash up?

You get an awesome looking game called Roller Champions!

Roller Champions looks like a lot of fun. While Rocket League mixed soccer with cars with jet engines attached, Roller Champions mixes a bunch of things together for a fast-paced competitive bout of fun.

Have I Seen This Before?

When I first saw the gameplay trailer, my first thought was, “This is Motorball from Alita: Battle Angel!”.

Just a considerably less violent and brutal version.

The game is just as fast paced, though. I can imagine it has some heart-pounding moments when a player is about to score a goal with a rival player hot on their heels.

I can already hear my friends yelling in my ear when I miss a shot. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

Rules and Tricks

In an older video, it was shown that players have to hold onto the ball for a lap around the circuit to score a point. However, there is a bit of risk and reward.

A player can attempt to hold onto the ball for a few more laps in order to score even more points. But, if the ball is taken by the rival team, then all that work and effort is for naught.


I think it is safe to assume cosmetics will be all the rave about this game. In the trailer, there are trails that come off of the rollerblades, so I can already see that as a cosmetic.

It would be cool to customize our skaters and add our own flare to them. I’m pretty sure this will be a thing as so many other games are doing it these days.

Are you excited for this new endeavour by Ubisoft?