Spellbreak Review

Is Spellbreak worth your time? This quick review has your answer.

Another Battle Royale has entered the fray.

Though this one tries hard to stand out from the crowd,

With a loud roar it stands amongst a genre of dismay,

Though not free of any complaints,

Yet as fun as it may be,

Will Spellbreak slay or fade away?

The battle-royale genre is tired and oversaturated at this point. With almost every game being a battle royale these days, one has to ask themselves, “When will this genre taper down?”

Well, you’re out of luck because the hits keep coming, trying to be the next big thing only to either fail or find its own crowd and stand in its own corner.

At first glance, they all look the same at their core (which they are), yet Spellbreak does a good job of being unique. Mostly because there are no guns here…only magic and sorcery.

Magic Combat

At the start of every match, players pick a gauntlet retaining to one of the elements: fire, toxin, wind, ice, stone and lightning. They also start with a level one gauntlet of their choosing.

They can find higher levels of that element as well as equip an offhand gauntlet, which comes in handy because you can mix the elements, put down a tornado and add fire to it to turn it into a fire tornado, among many others.

The game is creative in its combinations and I often run with fire and toxin to make my explosions even bigger. Assisting your team with attacks also adds some creativity to the game.

The game also has a very ‘Breath of The Wild’ kind of art style and I do like cartoonish games…

Spellbreak screen

Bots Galore

Two main issues I have with Spellbreak are the sheer amounts of bots that just make the game feel too easy at some points. The bots are really dumb and can be taken out with little effort.

The next issue is the waiting time for a match. Maybe, it is because the game doesn’t have the biggest player base but sometimes it takes forever to get into a match.

It’s a shame as the game really does stand out from the others. Maybe people just aren’t ready for something new?

Spellbreak is worth the try though and it is crossplay as well as free. So, check it out when you have the time.