Fortnite’s New Limited Time Mode

Fortnite has got a new time-limited Marvel-themed game mode! Here are my thoughts,…

This season, beloved characters from the Marvel universe have been introduced into Fortnite. The season has been a lot of fun with robots that can be shot and looted or hacked to become allies, Marvel heroes appearing as world bosses with epic loot, and the addition of power ups that can give you superpowers themed to Marvel characters (although they can break the game).

One thing Fortnite is renowned for is themed Limited Time Modes. Hot on the heels of the Crazy Taxi-inspired Limited Time Mode, the new ‘Marvel Knockout’ game is actually a whole lot of fun if you’re into absolute chaos.


Players are given a set of random powers before the mode begins, such as Dr. Doom’s Gauntlets, Thor’s Hammer, or Wolverine’s claws to name a few. Rounds are crazy with players using all sorts of powers, with most learning how to use them.

I noticed that there is a power themed to everyone favourite monster, Venom. So, could we be getting a Venom skin?

Knockout Gameplay

The mode starts with various squads battling it out to qualify for the next round.

To be honest, I always get knocked out at the second round (I’m not very good) but each round the powers rotate. So, you have to adapt each time.

I like this kind of gameplay because it forces players to adapt their tactics constantly.

Fortnite Marvel

Credit: Epic Games

Marvel and Fortnite

I’m really liking this season. With the addition of more Marvel-themed landmarks coming, I think this season isn’t going to taper down anytime soon.

Marvel Knockout won’t be around forever, so if you want to have fun with it, then you have to play it while you still can.