Fallout 76’s New Seasons Formula Impressions

A quick rundown of Fallout’s first season.

Seasons and battle passes are some good ways to keep players engaged in a game. But with so many games using the same content plan, I can’t help but feel overwhelmed.

Some people (like myself) like to play a wide range of games instead of focusing on just one. But some of these battle passes don’t allow for you to love more than on game.

Fallout 76 had a very good first season. It is still going on and will end in September. The pass has some camp items, clothes, weapon skins and in-game currency up for grabs. Unfortunately, the rewards just don’t outweigh the grind.

Some fans may feel otherwise. After all, this article is subjective but following a discussion with my main Fallout partner, we came to some conclusions about Fallout’s “Legendary Run”.

Fallout 76 monster

Credit: Bethesda 

The Rewards

It’s always nice to get things for your camp in Fallout 76. Something about building and then personalising a house or area is just fun. I spent an entire day setting up my new base and turning it into a unique base for myself and my friends to use. Needless to say, it felt quite homey!

There are a lot of camp items to earn in the current battle pass. From wallpapers to creatures from The Fallout world, if home decorating is your niche, the battle pass had you covered.

The gun skins are nice too and don’t get me started on that astronaut looking power armour skin. But as nice as these rewards are, the way to get to them feels a little off.

Fallout 76 Watselanders

Credit: Bethesda 


The way to level up the battle pass in Fallout 76 is to earn score. The only way to earn score is to do your daily objectives and weeklies. Which is fine, but after a while the dailies give out a depressing score.

There is a daily that rewards 100 score points for 10 000 XP earned (yes, you read that correctly) and it is so unbalanced, it doesn’t even make it worth it.

My friend and I came to the conclusion that even with double score weekends, it feels like the pass was designed to pressure players to buy their way to level 100.

It came to the point where we each decided on an item we would get and settle on that. I want the Teddy Bear at the halfway mark and that’s where I will stop. Anything after that is a bonus.

Despite the current flaws in the battle pass system, t will be interesting to see what Fallout 76’s new season brings and if the system will be altered in September.