Fortnite’s New Mighty Season (Chapter 2 Season 4)

A look at the new Fortnite mighty season!

Well, Fortnite has done it again. In the days building up to this season’s launch, there was so much hype and anticipation with teases of a huge Marvel crossover event.

It seems Fortnite is going on with these crossover events with their Battlepass. It all started when Deadpool was featured as a hidden skin followed by DC’s Aquaman. And, there is now an entire season centered around Marvel.

It isn’t just the skins but locations in the map as well. Even the waiting area is now a ship from a Marvel story. Everything about this season is about Marvel’s superheroes with some surprise additions in the form of She-Hulk and Storm.

The Skins

Thor, Iron Man, Groot, She-Hulk, Storm, Dr. Doom, Mystique as well as Wolverine have all entered the fray with the latter being this season’s ‘hidden skin’.

The skins come with emotes built-in. For example, She-Hulk changes from her Jennifer Walters look to the She-Hulk alter ego. These are really nice additions, though it is risky that some of the gliders and emotes earned in this pass can only be used with Marvel Characters.

It’s strange because Fortnite prides itself in allowing players to mix and match different items with different characters.

My Concerns

I do have some concerns about the new additions. Although this crossover is really cool, it looks like a huge DC crossover will follow this as a Joker bundle is confirmed to be coming in November.

And, I just hope this isn’t all that Fortnite becomes; a platform to boost Marvel and DC’s ongoings. This season runs alongside the Marvel’s Avengers game release. People who played the open beta of that game got Marvel-themed items in Fortnite.

It is a huge boost for marketing but I hope Epic doesn’t lose its creativity and awesome character designs in the name of crossover events, despite how cool they are. Especially with Halloween coming up, which when the best skins come out.

This is a good season though and I’ll be grinding to get that Level 100 Iron Man skin for sure!