Book Spotlight: Conan The Barbarian The Original Marvel Years (Epic Collection)

A quick look at the latest Conan offering from Marvel Comics.

If you know me, you probably know that I love the Conan stories. I love the lore and world that closely resembles our own world.

The characters are interesting and the villains are fun to read about, especially when they get whacked through the face with an axe or a sword… or club…or fist…or a stone… whatever, it’s fun!

The Conan Comic license was originally with Marvel before being sold off to Dark Horse, which produced some amazing comics (I’m still reading some of them).

Marvel Logo

Recently, the rights went back to Marvel who were quick to produce crossover comics with Conan and other Marvel characters. I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about this, but luckily they are still doing sole Conan.

And as everyone expected, they are recollecting all of the original Roy Thomas stories into various collections for those who have been bitten by the nostalgia bug and would like to look back at a piece of Comic Book history.

Spoiled for Choice

These Conan comics are a treasure trove for fans like me. They come with the original stories as well as behind the scenes content like scripts, cover drafts, edited and unedited covers. They have also included the original ads as well as some other little things.

The Epic Collections are paperback. While these comics have been collected in hardcover format with even more special features, not everyone can afford those. Unfortunately, being a geek is an expensive hobby.

Conan Exiles header

Credit: Conan Exiles (Funcom)

The Future

I hope Marvel carries on with Conan books. There have been some listings for Volume Two, which is due next year according to some sites. But will Marvel only collect the Conan The Barbarian stories?

What about the Savage Sword of Conan series? Those were collected in a hardcover format, so here’s hoping. They are currently recollecting some of the Dark Horse comics, so those who missed out on this run can still get these new editions.

You can check out this edition here

It’s good to see the character of Conan still finding life these days with comics and video games. Now, if only Hollywood would play ball, it would be perfect!