Xbox Showcase: Obsidian & Double Fine

A quick look at what Obsidian Entertainment and Double Fine showed off at the Xbox Showcase.

Obsidian Entertainment is beloved for their role-playing games. When it was announced that they were acquired by Xbox Game Studios, fans roared with joy at the potential with that amount of backing behind them.

Since then they have released their sci-fi RPG open-world game, The Outer Worlds and are about to release a survival game called Grounded. But they had some other tricks up their sleeves during the event as well.


I’ve written before on how excited I am for this game. Coming to Gamepass on launch day, Grounded is very much like Honey, I Shrunk The Kids; a classic movie in its own right. The game is quirky and looks like a blast.

The latest trailer was funny as well. I don’t want to give too much away, so just watch it below. I was crying from laughter!

The Outer Worlds DLC

I’ll be honest; I haven’t gotten round to the crazy The Outer Worlds. This is something I’m planning on changing soon though. The game looks really fun but it faded away a little after its launch.

Luckily, a new DLC is on its way and it looks just as crazy as the main game. I really love the style of the title. The DLC is dropping in September, so it should give me enough time to grind through the main game!


Before I rush off to download and play The Outer Worlds, Obsidian showed off a tease for an upcoming RPG called Avowed. There really isn’t much else to go on other than the trailer below. Colour me intrigued…

Double Fine’s Psychonauts 2

Jack Black and Double Fine have teamed up yet again…no, not for a new Brutal Legend game (which would be amazing), but for Psychonauts 2. This trailer was one hell of a trip.

It looks like it will be an absolute wild ride, so enjoy the visually stunning trailer below.

This was just one section of the showcase. Xbox is really pulling out all the stops with their first party studios!