Watch Dogs Legion Recap

Watch Dogs Legion looks cool, and here’s why!

The Watch Dogs games didn’t really resonate with me. They were fun but they didn’t hook me like Assassin’s Creed or the Splinter Cell games did. When I heard about Watch Dogs Legion, I initially ignored it.

However, the idea of playing as any NPC did sound interesting. I also saw a slight trace of the State of Decay games in the sense that players are playing as a community instead of an actual character.

When Ubisoft Forward came along and I saw the game in action I have to admit, I finally saw the appeal of the game…

London Is A Playground

Watch Dogs has always been the GTA with hacking. While there are tons of open-world games that take place in worlds that are not inspired by America, the modern ‘cause chaos and run from the cops’ motif tends to draw from games like GTA, which was also set in London when it was first launched.

I’ll admit, seeing a modern open-world setting that isn’t America or some tropical island is refreshing. London looks like a lot of fun to explore and it will be even more fun with the ability to hack everything and screw with everyone. From causing cars to drive into enemies or spamming an enemy’s phone to some more devious hacks, Watch Dogs at its core is all about the hacking. London will never be the same…

Recruit Everyone

Much like State of Decay, there is no actual main character. In Legion, players recruit their characters. Nab a construction worker? He would be good at hitting hard and using his special construction drone to move around the city.

Get an assassin? She’ll be good with… well… killing people…

While a hacker may not be the best person to send on a killing spree, they could hack a drone and make it fire upon your enemies. So, there seems to be quite the variety on how to go about things.

Cookie Cutter Missions

I am just worried about cookie-cutter missions. What if we end up doing the exact same mission a dozen times to recruit different characters?

It’s something that a lot of Ubisoft games have suffered from in the past and I hope this doesn’t end up being a step-for-step, rinse/repeat kind of game but only time will tell.

Watch Dogs Legion will be out in October!