Speculation & Expectations from The Upcoming Xbox Event

A quick round up of what to expect from the upcoming Xbox Event.

With everything that has been going on in the world, E3 had to be cancelled. Though this was sad, it is nice to see that this hasn’t stopped the gaming world from doing their thing.

After the recent Ubisoft Forward event, Xbox is gearing up for their own massive showcase. There are a lot of rumours and speculation. I can’t help but get in on the hype and speculate a bit. So, without any more rambling, here’s my bet on what will be featured at the event.

Xbox Series X



I’ve been an Xbox fan for a very long time and so they’ve become a little predictive, which isn’t a bad thing. When you know a company, you just expect them to do things that they have always done.

I could be wrong with all of this but this is what I expect from the event:

  • Gamepass News: Gamepass is Xbox’s most lucrative service, so it is safe to assume they will have lots to say about Gamepass and what they plan to do with it. Probably a slew of new games will be added. Maybe, some new releases as well? Either way, Gamepass will no doubt be mentioned.
  • Forza: We’re due for another Forza game as it is one of Xbox’s staple franchises. With the next gen Xbox on the way. I’d be very surprised if a new Forza isn’t announced as a launch title.
  • Gears of War: Let’s face it, Gears always shows its face in some way or another at these events.
  • Halo Infinite: The upcoming Halo will be coming to the new Xbox, so we might get to see gameplay of it. It’s been a long time coming and this might be the event where we actually see it in action.



This is where things get shady. Everything from this point forward is speculative and should be taken with a grain of salt…

  • Fable IV: Come on, you knew this would end up here. There have been so many rumours and apparent leaks. Nobody has confirmed or denied this game is a thing. If Fable IV is announced, the internet may crash; just saying. But I’m expecting to be burned. I really thought Fable would be announced at E3 last year but it wasn’t and it sullied the whole event for me. So, here’s hoping…
  • Rare’s Everwild: From the devs behind Sea of Thieves, Everwild is an interesting looking game and I hope they go more into it during this event.
  • Xbox Live Gold Rumours: There is a lot of talk about Xbox Live Gold becoming free. The twelve-month subscription option was pulled from the store recently, so there is a lot of speculation around what is going on.
  • More First Party Studios: Xbox Game Studios loves having devs under their belt. I suspect there to be more studios entering the family this year.

That’s all I have for you today. The stream will take place on 23 July, so keep your eyes peeled.