Why I’m Hyped About Grounded

Just taking a look at Grounded and getting hyped while doing so.

I like survival games. I mean, I really like survival games. I also like the old movie Honey, I Shrunk The Kids. So, when Obsidian Game Studios revealed that they are working on a survival game based on the idea of players being shrunk down to the size of ants and fending for themselves in their backyard, I had to do some digging…

Grounded xbox

It’s a Jungle Out There

Players will need to fend off from ants, stink bugs and scary spiders while they survive in their backyard. Blades of grass now look like a jungle and soda cans look like huge structures.

The game also has a very vibrant colour scheme as well as what looks like an amazing building system (which I will get into in a moment). The world will react to the players, so the more you build and hunt, the more the world will change forcing you to adapt to the ever-changing eco-system.


Grounded has a really unique building system. Players can layout blueprints and then go fetch the materials they need to build and just plug them in how they want them. Unlike other games where players have to use resources to place walls and then remove them if they were placed incorrectly.

Grounded’s building seems to avoid that issue by allowing players to see their building before they actually build it.


Survival games are more fun with friends, so it is no surprise that Grounded will feature a co-op system. My friends and I are really excited about this and while we haven’t been looking too far into it as to avoid spoiling the game for us, we can’t help but start plotting our adventures in the backyard.

Grounded co op

I love games like this and I’m even more excited that the game will launch on Gamepass on 28 July. I may go watch Honey, I Shrunk The Kids just to hype me up even more as the game shares a lot of similarities with that film.