Star Wars: Squadrons: The Latest from EA

A look at the latest Star Wars offering from EA.

Electronics Arts’ ownership of the Star Wars license has always generated mixed views. The latest Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was met with positive reviews and reception and proved that single player games still have their place in the industry.

However, Battlefront II launched with huge backlash over the loot boxes that affected the game. Eventually, the game evolved into being an enjoyable experience but many were left with a sour taste in their mouths. Star Wars Squadrons seems to hail back to the old days of Star Wars video games and has been met with a lot of excitement.

All About The Space Battles

Squadrons is a 5v5 squadron-based air combat (or space combat?) game. The first time I heard about it I couldn’t help but look back to the days of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron or the space combat from the old Battlefront II.

The game seems to pull heavily from those titles and will be set right after the events of Episode 6: The Return of The Jedi.


The game is said to have an engaging single-player mode that will have players see the battle from both sides and will also have 5v5 multiplayer. The online component will be broken up into:


Basically, a 5v5 deathmatch but in space!

Fleet Battles

The more objective-based game where teams have to push back the enemy then perform bombing runs on their capital ship.

And that’s all for now but I expect there to be more modes as the game goes on, then again this is a flying game, so can modes like capture the flag really work in a game like this? Hopefully, the fleet battles are varied and will let players sink their teeth into it.

For all those space cadets out there, how excited are you to take to the stars and blast your enemies?

Squadrons is up for pre-order on all major outlets.