A Retrograde Look At The Skate Franchise

Like it’s a totally retrograde look at the Skate games, dude!

Gnarly man! Who doesn’t like doing some flip kicks and grinding some half pipes? Also, who does like hearing the sounds of bones crunching as a person falls down a flight of stairs after their board slipped from under their feet like magic, bro?

Man, the Skate games were like, totally wicked dude! I remember coming home from school back in the good, old days and throwing Skate 2 (and later Skate 3 as these were the only ones I got my hands on) into the Xbox 360 and just grinding out all day.

Man, those were the days…and with Skate 4 announced I thought I’d take a look back at the older games and the fond memories I have of them.


Totally Gnarly Dude

One thing I liked about the Skate games were the controls. Flicking the stick and letting physics and gravity do the rest was a lot of fun. The open-world map was also really cool to explore.

I spent hours grinding down railings and pipes to try to perfect that sweet trick. I had little care in the world other than making cool replays that I could go back and watch over and over again.

It really as a good substitute for skateboarding for me because I have the balance of a duck with two left feet. Let’s say that when I tried skateboarding…it was dangerous. No really…I was not only a danger to myself but to others as well.

So, thank the gaming gods Skate came out when it did!

But Dude! Life Is Always Better With My Dudes And Dudettes!

Games are always better with friends and although I only really got into gaming online later on in my gaming life, I had a lot of fun with friends in Skate 3. Roaming around the map and just doing tricks here and there or trying to beat each others’ scores kept us busy.

I even got the game for Xbox One (thanks to backwards compatibility) to play it with a friend who had downloaded it for nostalgia’s sake.

Skate 3

The Skate games hail back to what can only be described as a better time (well, at least, for me personally). I think the whole skateboarding culture in general calls back to a more casual time in my generation’s lifespan. Before the woes of adulthood and the stress it brings with hit us.

Things may never be the same again but looking back, the Skate games were special. Whether you are a hardcore skateboarder or just a casual dabbler, you should check them out. They were and still are a lot of fun!