What is Blankos: Block Party?

Blankos Block Party looks like a wild ride and here’s why!

Full disclaimer, I really like action figures. I like collecting them and taking photos of them and I think I’ll never outgrow them. I still have toys that were handed down to me by my older brother. (These toys are older than I am!)

Looking at new reveals is very addictive. And, getting my hands on a really cool figure and then finding a spot for it on my shelf is just so much fun. I’m twenty-six and my room is full of different characters.

I also like video games. They are, after all, my escape from reality when I need it. So, when something comes along that combines video games and toys, it already has my attention.

I went deep into the Disney Infinity games but the series came to an abrupt end after the third instalment.

Now comes Blankos: Block Party. While it is not a toys-to-life game like Skylanders and Disney Infinity, it does revolve around the collection of toys. The game sounds amazing and here’s why…

Figure Collecting

The game is based on the idea of collecting little figurines called Blankos. These will be bought or earned during seasonal events. Some may even only be earned during certain seasonsm which adds to their exclusivity.

You may be wondering what players can do with these little guys? Well…


You play with them of course! From racing to shooting and going on adventures. Blankos: Block Party will also feature a toolkit that allows players to create their own games and maps as well as a hub where players can play around and have fun.

This game is basically vinyl toy culture in a video game. Collect, play, create, repeat! I’m really excited about this game and I’m keen to see new updates as time goes on.