Opinion: Red Dead Online Is In Dire Need Of Attention

Red Dead Online isn’t in a good place right now. Here’s why…

It has been months since Red Dead Online received a decent update. Not only is the game now starved for content but it is riddled with game-breaking bugs while Rockstar Games remains quiet.

I wouldn’t say Red Dead Online is dead like many others say, and we do know eventually there will be something new but the lack of communication from the devs is disheartening.

Rockstar seems to think they are being edgy by keeping their cards close to their chest but many fans wish they would just talk to us. I appreciate devs like Bethesda (who are nowhere near perfect) but at least they offer updates on what they are doing and actually provide roadmaps.

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When you  play a game, you at least want it to run smoothly, but no, Red Dead Online doesn’t even seem to fulfill that basic requirement at times. Here is a bunch of bugs I have faced almost everytime I have played the game:

  • The Camp refuses to spawn and when it does it doesn’t load in.
  • Players can’t donate material to the camp for some or other reason.
  • The Moonshine Shack refuses to let you in.
  • The Moonshine Sale sends the player to a black screen upon startup, which renders them useless.
  • The Bounty Hunter missions don’t activate or they do a half an hour later.
  • Bounty Hunter boards cannot be interacted with.
  • Butchers cannot be interacted with. (This is extremely annoying when you have level 3 pelts that the glitched camp won’t take and now the only other place in the game to sell them to is broken as well.)

I’m pretty sure I’m missing some but for someone who has been playing Red Dead Online a lot lately, the game feels quite broken.

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July May Bring Good News

Every Tuesday players eagerly wait for the weekly newsletter only to be hit with a ‘new limited-time clothes are not available’ notice.

We understand the current pandemic has forced Rockstar devs to work from home but all we are asking for is news. Something to give us hope. The general consensus is that July will be the month the game gets an update but with each passing week, this seems like fool’s hope.

Red Dead Online is a lot of fun when it works. But that is becoming a rare occurrence these days.