Fortnite’s Party Royale Has A Lot Of Potential

A quick rundown of Fortnite’s Party Royale mode.

Fortnite is quickly becoming its own platform. From collaborations with movie studios and other video games to teaming up with musicians for live concerts, so many marketing events have taken place in this video game.

The title always has something going on and, now with the addition of the Party Royale mode and map, Fortnite may be sitting on another feature with a lot of potential.


What is Party Royale?

Party Royale is a no combat mode where players can hang out on a small island and partake in races (via land, sea and air), watch live concerts and even watch a film on a giant movie screen.

It is a cute little map with a town full of restaurants where players can explore and simply relax before heading to the parked battle busses across the map and queue up for the battle royale mode.

The Potential

I can’t help but see the potential of this mode. This could replace the lobby screen entirely. Recently, the Battle Pass menu was replaced with an interactive screen so the idea of moving away from staring at a static screen is there.

With Party Royale, there is potential to make Fortnite’s own little world more interactive than ever before rather than just a hub that acts as the lobby before players head off to the main game.

Fortnite loading

Party Royale

Whether it is movies being played or music shows, the Party Royale mode already has a lot going for it. It really does feel like the early days of this new venture.

Like the older creative mode that allowed players to create their own maps and games, I can see Party Royale soaring to new heights in the future. I am curious to see how it plays out.

Fortnite is always evolving and changing. It is always a treat to see what happens next in the world of Fortnite.