Fortnite’s Reign In The Battleroyale Genre

How does Fortnite stay relevant? Here are some thoughts…

Sorry haters; Fortnite isn’t dead or going anywhere any time soon. With the game becoming more of a platform of its own, it looks like it can only grow from here. Though healthy competition is always welcome to keep things fresh, the idea that other games are ‘Fortnite Killers’ is as mythical as Moby Dick. It isn’t happening…

Season 3

Fortnite’s Seasons

I think we can all agree that Fortnite has a good formula with their seasons and know exactly how to ride the hype train. Whether it is their in-game events or seasons or partnerships with musicians and studios, there is always something happening with Fortnite.

I think that is what gives the game such an unprecedented staying power that other games haven’t really nailed down. While other games do get a lot of traction, Fortnite has always seemed to be quicker on trends than other games I’ve seen.



Fortnite is a very different game to what it was a few years ago. The meta has changed over and over forcing players to constantly adapt while the new changes to the maps have brought in so many new and exciting ways to play. If you showed me what Fortnite would become back when their Battle Royale mode started, I wouldn’t have believed you. This is how much the game has changed and it feels good to have been there and see it unfold from the early days till now.

Spy games

Casual Fun

I don’t really like the pro-scene. I feel the Fortnite e-sports scene is a little on the toxic side and Fortnite just doesn’t feel like that sort of game to me.

It is easy to play and it’s quick, perfect to play between games. Though I love the action figures and the skins, I consider myself more of a casual fan. You can still have a lot of fun in Fortnite without being the best and that’s a good thing.

It’s been a wild ride to see this game evolve over time and I’m looking forward to seeing what they do next.