Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 Makes a Big Splash

A look at Fortnite’s new Season!

Ah, Fortnite…with every new season this game somehow manages to reinvent itself and change up the game just enough to keep itself fresh all while not alienating its existing player base. How it does this is brilliant but that’s a conversation on its own.

Season 3 rolled in and with it most of the map flooded, which brought new points of interest and a slew of new characters for this season’s Battle Pass. I know I say this with the dawn of every season, but this really is the best season yet…

The Plot Thickens

The spy-themed storyline that was established last season continues with nods to previous characters (one of the characters even had a kid!) This time around, the level 100 skin is a callback to the classic Black Knight character from a few years ago.

Last season featured a partnership with Marvel with the addition of Deadpool. This season it is DC’s turn to shine as Aquaman is a character in the pass. At a glance, it may seem like the Fortnite seasons are random but when looking a little deeper one can’t help but connect the dots. It’s nice to see how the game world acknowledges itself throughout the seasons.


Honestly, the first time one of the new Loot Sharks jumped out of the water, crashed through a wall and chomped a huge portion of my health away… I needed new pants. Loot Sharks are a thing. They are these big ugly sharks that will kill players who aren’t careful in the water and will jump on land to take a bite.

But this is Fortnite with its silly humour and so by using a fishing rod, players can catch a shark and ride it with ski boards and yes, you can shoot other players while doing so. Loot Sharks can be killed for loot as well, so get hunting!


The ‘Henchmen” from last season remain. Some Points of Interest are dotted with NPCs who will gun down anyone who tries to steal loot. But now there is a different faction named ‘The Marauders’.

Every now and then a drop pod will drop from the sky and a squad of really tough henchmen will come out of it and roam the map. I’m not sure if it was intentional but it feels like these guys actively hunt players. They even have their own theme song, which is the last thing you want to hear in a clutch.


Fortnite Season 3 is a blast and with the confirmed addition of drivable cars coming later on in the season, there are no doubt a lot of tricks up Epic Games’ sleeve.