NECA Spyro Review

My review of NECA’s Spyro The Dragon figure! #NECA #Spyro #PlayStation

Spyro The Dragon is a gaming icon on par with the likes of Sonic The Hedgehog (Yes, I said it). I remember my introduction to the character quite well. It was the night my brother brought home a PlayStation 1 with a case full of games that he had bought from a friend.

Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage was one of those games and as far as I remember that was the first Playstation game I played. I have many fond memories with Spyro and I played that game over and over again.

When the remaster came along, I had to get it solely for nostalgia’s sake and I felt it was a good time to get my hands on NECA Toys’ official Spyro The Dragon figure as well…

Spyro face

The Figure 

You’ve got to hand it to NECA in the paint and sculpt department. Spyro looks like a carbon copy of the character from the game. His scales and skin are so well done and there are parts that aren’t just painted but actually pieces attached to the figure.

There is some faded paint where his wings meet his back but honestly, you have to look for it to see it. Another thing is the paint around the base of the wings tends to break off when the wings are moved but it isn’t really noticeable. As far as paint goes, Spyro looks amazing. So good job, NECA!


He also scales well with other figures as seen below.

Spyro Scale


Simply put, I’m impressed. Spyro’s head has all the range of motion you’d expect from an articulated figure. His lower neck moves, which does break the sculpt of his chest scales but it is nice to have that range of motion even though I wouldn’t use it.

His legs move outwards and back and forth, his wings move up and down (couple this with the legs and you can recreate his flying pose) and he has a mid-body joint. But what really impresses me is his tail.

This thing has so many joints in it and somehow it just works. Even the tip can move. I was taken aback when I moved it for the first time. That alone is impressive. And yes, with some work Spyro can sit down.


A common defect with this toy has been his feet. The front feet were on the back legs and vice versa and it looked really weird. Luckily, it is an easy fix. All I did was heat up the ankles with a hairdryer until the plastic went warm and soft.

Then, I gently pulled the feet off and swapped them around and put the figure in ice-cold water, so the plastic could harden quickly (though this may be overkill, I just like doing it after I perform ‘surgery’ on a figure. This isn’t my first rodeo).

Luckily, the feet are on ball peg joints so it was easy. Below is a before, mid-fixing and after image of the feet in question.

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Overall, Spyro is a good figure. It was annoying that I had to do some DIY fixing on a figure I paid for but defects happen and at least there are workarounds for some of them.

The Good

  • Good sculpt and paint
  • Good range of motion
  • It’s Spyro

The Bad

  • Some minor paint chipping around the wings
  • May have back to front feet (fixing may be required)