A Look at The Elder Scrolls Online Vampire Overhaul

A quick and sharp look at the new Vampire skill tree overhaul in ESO.

Vampires, Werewolves, Witches and all of the monsters of Tamriel have always appealed to players. Whether it is the allure of becoming a vampire or the idea of running rampant as a raging werewolf, players have variety when it comes to the Elder Scrolls series.

With Elder Scrolls Online, these options have always been available to the player but in a very barebones kind of way. With the impending release of Greymoor, a new expansion that takes place in what is called ‘The Dark Heart of Skyrim’ the Vampire skill tree will get a complete overhaul for a more immersive and meaningful gameplay mechanic.

ESO vampires

Get Biting

This overhaul aims to capture what it means to be a vampire. Sure, you will be strong but vampires have a considerable amount of weaknesses.

Each ‘Blood Curse’ stage will need to be managed in order to keep your strength, which can be done with the occasional blood-drinking. But over time the stage will decrease and so players will become weaker. So, maintaining a healthy diet is key to being a strong vampire.

The world will also react to players. Performing vampire skills in public will rake in a bounty, which is understandable (can’t have people biting each other willy nilly like that).

elder scrolls online greymoor

The devs promise that players will have a choice. Will you wipe out an entire town to try satisfy your character’s thirst? Or, will you be more controlled and only take what you need?

This all sounds very exciting and I’m tempted to leave my character’s werewolf life behind and start anew as a leech of the night. (But I don’t know…I really like my werewolf.)

ESO Greymoor seems to be adding a whole lot of stuff to an already rich game. Are you excited?