The Xbox Series X Gameplay Showcase Overview

A quick recap on the rather disappointing Xbox Series X stream.

It’s an exciting time in the gaming world with the coming of next-gen consoles just on the horizon. Microsoft and Sony are busy hyping everyone up with their marketing campaigns, and so it is expected that mistakes will be made along the way.

One such mistake occurred in the latest stream by Microsoft on 7 May, which promised to be a grand ‘gameplay showcase’ of the new Xbox Series X in action. But all it was was a glorified reel of cinematic trailers with some gameplay bits here and there. It wasn’t all bad though. Here are some of highlights.

assassins creed valhalla

The Good

The best thing to come out of the event is the ‘Smart Delivery’ system. If players buy a game for the current Xbox, they automatically get the game for the next-gen console. That is a huge plus for the Xbox Series X.

Players won’t feel the need to rush to buy the new console just to play their favourite games that happen to be launch titles for the next-gen console. One of the games doing this is the recently announced Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Of course, these games will look better on the Xbox Series X but it is nice that we will be able to buy the game once and get it on both consoles.

The Bad

Like many fans, I was disappointed that the stream was just trailer after trailer. Sure, some of it was gameplay trailers but not live-streamed, raw gameplay like we all thought it would be. There were a lot of cinematic trailers as well.

There seems to have been a miscommunication between the devs and fans and both Xbox and Ubisoft have expressed an apology for building up expectations that were not met during the event.

Hopefully, we will see actual gameplay footage of these games in action on the new Xbox in their next event.

Until then we just have to wait. You can watch the whole stream below.