Returning to The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO)

The Elder Scrolls Online has just sucked me in again and here is a quick ramble about it.

Ah, The Elder Scrolls Online, the Elder Scrolls-themed MMORPG, which had a rocky start at first but has now become a huge competitor in the genre. I love The Elder Scrolls mostly because of the world. My first was Oblivion but it wasn’t until Skyrim that I got completely lost in the world.

Right now, I have a heavily modded version of Skyrim on my Xbox, which makes the game so much more immersive and overhauls the combat drastically to be more intense. So, naturally, when my friends got me to buy ESO back in 2016, I got hooked on exploring Tamriel again.

ESO dragon

Questing is better with friends!

I wasn’t there during the rocky days of ESO’s launch, but when I got into the game, I really enjoyed the idea of questing with my friends. For me, this was my first proper MMORPG and I loved how we had to fulfil our roles as healers, tanks and, in my case, a damage dealer.

Also, running around the map in a group and crafting things made it feel like we were part of that world, despite there being a group of players gathered around an NPC like they are a cute kitten.

ESO screen

For the Guild

Not only did we have to specialize in combat but we had to specialize in crafting as well. For example, I was the alchemist and my friends often sent me flowers they had found so I could craft potions for them. This was probably one of my favourite parts of the game. It felt like I was a part of something that was bigger than me.

But All Good Things Come to an End at least for a Time

Sadly, my very low internet cap could not keep up with the huge updates for ESO and I stopped playing. I was gone for two whole years before only recently my cap was increased and the first thing I did was download ESO to jump back in and I can’t express how much I’ve missed this game.

It was easy picking up where I left off, especially with this zone guide feature that points out things to do in the zone and provides a checklist. Whether this was there all this time or not, I can’t say but I love that thing.

I took a moment to just run around in a town and marvel at the city for a moment. ESO really nails the difference in cultures around their world and although the graphics are a little dated, I can’t help but admire the world-building in this game.

I really hope ESO gets some sort of enhancement when next-gen consoles come along. But even so, I can’t help but get lost in this game.