Fallout 76’s 2020 Roadmap Revealed

A look at the 2020 Fallout 76 roadmap.

With the recent (and loved) Wastelanders content drop in Fallout 76, fans have praised the game for going back to its roots. The title has seemingly seen the beginnings of the all too common ‘phoenix’ resurrection that many seem to be going through these days.

But with that out of the way, Bethesda has shown their new roadmap and it does look exciting. As a long term fan of the series, I am looking forward to what has been revealed and am curious to see how they manage it. So, let’s dissect it like a radiated frog, shall we?

Fallout 76 header


At first glance, it looks like Fallout is also getting a sort of ‘battle pass’ system. The picture they showed revealed seasonal events where exclusive rewards and Atoms (the premium currency in the game) can be earned. That sounds like a battle pass to me though I’m keen to see how it is implemented.

Whether or not you like the battle pass system in games, one can’t argue that they keep players engaged because who doesn’t like earning things? Seasonal events sound interesting too and may help the game’s world feel dynamic throughout the year.

Fallout 76 Cosmic Power Armour Suit

The Brotherhood of Steel Returns

I was not expecting this at all but the infamous (yet really cool) Brotherhood of Steel faction is returning to Fallout. It will be interesting to see the tech-hungry Brotherhood in their early days and this may not be the all too powerful Brotherhood that we know from the other games (well, that is just an assumption based on the timeline of Fallout 76).

I hope their presence will be more of an origins story for what they become later on in the series. There is a lot of potential for Fallout 76’s storylines being a prequel to the entire series so Bethesda really does have a treasure trove of things they can do with their narratives.

Fallout 76 Watselanders

Fallout 76 is well on its way to becoming what it should have been from the very beginning, and as a fan I am looking forward to this roadmap.

I do find it strange that there is no mention of additional Nuclear Winter maps. I think Bethesda is focused mainly on the PvE part of the game but it will be sad if they neglect Nuclear Winter entirely as it is a fun mode.

Anyway, are you excited for the return of The Brotherhood of Steel?