A Gamer’s Life Under Lockdown: Week 4

Being under lockdown is not easy but there is one comfort to be found underneath all of this, and no, it is not games…

It’s been a month and the outside world is looking worse for wear, with a rising global death toll and an ever so dwindling economy. While governments scramble to get control over the situation, the people just have to take it one day at a time.

I have started seeing the heavy toll of lockdown weigh down on people I interact with on Instagram and game with. The situation is serious and us gamers have been lucky that video games, especially the online component, have been there to fill a void. But, it hasn’t always been easy. This article will have a sombre tone as we have now been under lockdown for more than a month.


A friend of mine that I met six years ago in GTA and game with often let me know that she lost a family member to COVID-19. It is hard knowing what to say to someone during a time like this other than just letting them know that you are there if they need you.

I have to admit that I am amazed at the fact that I have formed such a close bond to someone I met on a video game some years ago. The gravity of the global situation has really sunk in this last week.

I’ve seen people online breakdown due to isolation. Humans are social creatures and being cut off from our social lives has a negative effect on our psyche. Online interaction can only go so far but one thing that I have seen is that the only way we are getting through this is by being there for one another.

Whether it is a few online gaming friends or people that we grew up with that we now have to chat to via video chats, we as not only gamers but as a people have to band together. I really think gamers are leading the example on that.

A Different Society

I’m not going to lie. Society was quite divided before all of this and there will always be people that thrive on division. But I really hope that when all of this blows over (which it will) that we can come out with a better appreciation for the bonds we make whether they are online in a game or in person. In the end, we are all on this ship together.

Until then, make that video call, play online with those friends, ask that friend how they are doing even if you lack comforting words.

Just be there. Just be a good friend. This will be my last lockdown post. I hope everyone who has read these finds some comfort in them. Things will get better. COVID-19 is just a world boss that we have to defeat.

Stay home. Stay safe. Stay in contact. Stay gaming.