Deadpool Enters Fortnite And #RIPFORTNITE

This week’s Fortnite update: swooning over the new Deadpool Skins while rising eyebrows at trending hashtags.

I’m not really sure where to start this article with all the things happening in Fortnite right now. But I think I should address the elephant in the room…Deadpool.  Fortnite characters cosplaying as Deadpool have been added to the game and naturally, everyone is using them.

There are so many Deadpools shooting each other. Will the real Deadpool please stand up? Is there even a real Deadpool at this moment? Everywhere I look I’m being blasted away by a Deadpool or a teddy bear cosplaying as a Deadpool. There’s just so many, which is actually quite funny when seeing a Deadpool mow down another Deadpool (…there’s going to be a lot of Deadpool talk in this article).

Deadpool unmasked

The Merc with a Mouth

When the challenge to unlock Deadpool went live, it required players to get dressed in a telephone booth, a new addition to the game this season. This would have been easy except for the fact that the entire server went to the new Point of Interest, which was Deadpool’s yacht.

There were so many people my game lagged. I got shot to smithereens and the match had a winner within the first ten minutes. It was a little insane. After being disconnected from the game entirely, I was thrown into a waiting queue due to overloaded servers. I knew Deadpool was popular but didn’t expect this at all.

Luckily, as the night went on the game became more stable and I was able to claim the Marvel character for myself. In addition, two classic Fortnite characters dressed up as Deadpool were added to the shop’s rotation so keep an eye out for these two cosplaying heroes.


RIP Fortnite

So, every once in a while when a new game pops up and the ‘pros’ and ‘competitive’ players venture out to play it the community gets a little crazy (which is putting it nicely.) A new shooter by Riot Games called Valorant has been trending lately and naturally a lot of Fortnite pros and competitive players have gone to check it out.

Now, there is a trending hashtag called #RIPFORTNITE, which I find both ridiculous as well as something positive if it proves true. We saw this reaction with Apex Legends (the ‘Fortnite Killer)’ as well as two Call of Duty battle royales. As soon as streamers start seeing a drop in views, they’d jump back into Fortnite. But I actually hope this new Valorant sticks a little.

One thing that is a big issue with Fortnite is the community. The competitive players are named ‘tryhards’ by most. Unfortunately, some try to make it their mission to ruin the game for other players. Although Fortnite has had some big competitions, the game itself feels more casual than a serious competitive esport.

Just by browsing some tweets surrounding the Valorant, it seems that some people are hoping players with esports prospects move on to a new game and let regular players just have fun.

Maybe I’m being too hard on them. Fortnite has been around for a while and some decent healthy competition can only better the game. Epic Games has been sitting comfortably on their throne, so a little nudge here and there is never a bad thing. What do you think?