Toy Fair 2020 McFarlane Toys Doom & Fortnite Reveals

A look at the latest DOOM and Fortnite reveals from McFarlane Toys.

McFarlane Toys has had a lot going for them ever since they revolutionised their figures with their Fortnite line. While their new DC Multiverse line is getting a lot of attention right now, and their Mortal Kombat line is finding its feet, it was nice to see that the line that started it all is still getting some attention


I’ll admit; I was a tad disappointed in their Fortnite showcase this year. They only had three new upcoming figures for their seven-inch line on display and a new Dragon Glider pack.

I hope they will reveal more in future. Fortnite has a wide cast of characters they could do figures on, so only seeing two new additions was a bit of a letdown. But at least the two new characters are really good.

They come in the form of the classic Army Man-styled Plastic Patroller. Then, there is one of last year’s Halloween skins, Big Mouth and Frostbite, which is a generic arctic army guy.

I’m not sure how exactly the articulation will work on Big Mouth but it would be awesome if his long tongue could move. With a quick glance, it looks like it could. Plastic Patroller is just an all-round good looking character and I like how he translates into figure form.

As for their bigger larger line, they are releasing the eleven-inch Leviathan. You can check all of these figures on the show floor via the slide show straight from McFarlane Toys’ gaming Instagram page below.


With the recent release of DOOM: Eternal, it was no surprise that McFarlane showed off some of their upcoming DOOM figures. And yes, they are finally doing the demons!

One of the figures they showed off was a repaint of their previous Doom Slayer in a gold tint that is dubbed Doom Slayer: Phobos. Since it is a repaint, it saves the company a lot of money for basically reselling the same figure with a different colour. But if you got one of each, you could build a small army of everyone’s favourite demon slayer!

Before you Rip and Tear, McFarlane also showed their new Marauder figure. This guy looks insane and I hope they do more with the demons in the line.

Let’s hope these lines have more additions later on this year.