Toy Fair 2020 McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Reveals

A look at the new reveals in McFarlane’s DC Multiverse line.

For many, including Todd McFarlane himself, the DC Multiverse line being acquired by McFarlane Toys was a dream come true, and McFarlane isn’t holding back. The line is strong and active, and the new reveals look amazing.

I for one am so excited to see that they are giving some love to the Arkhamverse. The Batman Arkham games have a special place in my heart and to see the figures of these versions of the characters in figure form made me shriek with excitement. So without further ado…


Batman is getting a lot of attention in this line. Some have argued too much attention and have jokingly called the line the DC Batman line. But as a Batman fan, I can’t complain. The Arkham versions of Batman and Joker look really good; especially the Joker.

The games were basically a mature, gritty incarnation of the Batman Animated Series, so these character designs naturally make for amazing figures.

Alongside that they showed off their Batman: The Curse of The White Knight line, which includes a very noir-looking version of Batman, a Joker in police uniform (which looks amazing), and Azreal. I really like the oddball versions of Batman.

I hope they dive deeper into the Elseworlds series though. It would be nice to see the steampunk Batman by Gaslight version or the infamous Vampire Batman.

Wonder Woman 1984

It comes as no surprise that we are getting some Wonder Woman 1984 figures. The big DC Comics film is due to be released this year, and it feels like McFarlane were obligated to produce figures based on Wonder Woman’s look from the movie.

So, we are being treated with two looks. The first being her normal outfit. I like how bright it is and how the red pops.

The second is Wonder Woman in her new Gold Armour, which looks out of this world. Just brace yourself for the slideshow below…

Are you excited for any of these? Pre-orders are up now online. These are exciting times for DC collectors and I hope we get more Elseworlds characters soon. Maybe even a Red Son Superman and Batman? That would be amazing!