New York Toy Fair 2020 Hasbro GI Joe Reveals

A look at Hasbro’s revival of GI Joe!

I’ll be honest; the only experience I have with the GI Joe franchise is with the recent films. The cartoon was before my time but GI Joe is a franchise that everyone has heard of at some point in their lives. So, I’m going into these reveals as more of an action figure collector than a superfan like most of the other collectors did.

I will say; seeing all the top Toy YouTubers get giddy over these figures was charming. It’s good to see a beloved franchise’s return.


The one thing I do know about the GI Joe figures is that these characters are the perfect ‘Army’ archetypes. Duke actually looks a tad bit generic. He’s just a typical army character and to me, that is the main appeal. The generic soldier look works well. Looking at this figure makes me want to play Metal Gear Solid for some reason.

Duke 2


Roadblock stands out a little more. He’s bulkier and comes with a bigger gun and the green on his vest stands out more. The Marvel Legends-style to figure-making is clear as day in this figure and it won’t be a surprise if Hasbro reuses parts from their Marvel Legends collection in this GI Joe line.



Scarlett has a lot of bright colours on her, which is an odd choice for someone sporting a crossbow as one would assume this character would like to remain unnoticed. She looks like fun though. I haven’t seen many crossbow-wielding figures lately.



This is a character I know quite well! He is also a fan favourite. Snake-Eyes is probably the most iconic character in the whole franchise and it seems Hasbro gave him some extra love with a deluxe edition. I wonder who would win between Snake-Eyes and Deadpool? That’s a fight I’d pay to see!

Snake Eyes