McFarlane Toys Toy Fair Reveals Mortal Kombat Figures

A quick look at McFarlane Toy’s upcoming Mortal Kombat figures.

Whether you like the games or not, there is one undeniable fact about the Mortal Kombat franchise and that is the character designs are really good. So, when McFarlane Toys announced that they had acquired the line and that it would have the articulation seen in their Fortnite line, people lost their minds and with good reason.

Their next line up for Mortal Kombat looks like a lot of fun and with good reason. Some of these are already available online but with the current pandemic delivery on all items has been halted. But at least we can look and drool over pictures.


Yeah, I had to start with Spawn. Not only is he a newly-released DLC character for Mortal Kombat 11 but he is actually McFarlane Toys’ flagship character. His logo is the McFarlane Toys logo after all. It is about time a fully-articulated Spawn figure has come along even though this version is in the Mortal Kombat-style.

I’ve seen the different skins in the game available for Spawn and I really hope they make figures based off these skins as well. (I can’t see why not though as Spawn is a McFarlane character.) So, here’s hoping!


Johnny Cage

The self-absorbed Hollywood star also gets the action figure treatment. This version of Johnny comes with an Oscar-type statue that he no doubt bludgeons people with. He also comes with removable sunglasses and a mini action figure of himself because of course, he does. He looks flashy and more like a wrestling star than anything else.



I’ll be honest; he’s not my favourite character in the series but Raiden does look cool in his latest variant. I really like the effects he comes with and his staff looks good too.


Baraka & Katana

Straight from the McFarlane Toys Gaming Instagram page are images of what they had on their show floor. Baraka and Katana look really good in figure form, especially Baraka who comes with a removable brain from his blades. Take a look at the slideshow below.

Do you like Mortal Kombat? Which figures are you most excited for?