Fortnite’s Spy Games Is A Breath of Fresh Air

A debriefing on Fortnite’s new Operation Spy Games mode.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 has been a wild to say the least. The game fully embraced the classic spy theme with the addition of spy-theme characters, points of interests around the map, gadgets that you’d expect James Bond to use and disguises that players use to fool the new NPC enemy types.

They did a lot of things right this season but if there is one place they really hit the nail on the head, it was their new Spy Games mode.

Fortnite season 2

What is Spy Games?

So far, there are two modes. The first and most popular is ‘Operation Dropzone’. At first glance, this is a class-based large scale team game mode that sees players dropping in a small circle that moves around the map.

The team with the most kills wins but the mode is spiced up a bit with the random safe drops around the map which awards players with a bunch of points.

Players get to unlock tech along the way which not only determines their loadout but gives them perks. They can unlock perks by completing matches within the Spy Games mode.

Perks vary from double jump to swimming faster and reloading faster to name a few. Essentially, players build a class. Someone running around with a healing canon would be the team healer, for example. It’s subtle but it is there and is a lot of fun.

The next mode is called Operation Knockout, which is a little crazier. It is a deathmatch between two teams of five players. The teams are dropped into a small area of the map to battle it out.

The winning team advances to the next round. It is way more intense than the other mode. Personally, I prefer Dropzone more but I can see the appeal behind this mode as well.

Apparently, there are more Spy Games modes to come but what they are is anyone’s guess. What we do know is Deadpool should be dropping this week so that’s something to be excited about!

Let’s hope the next Spy Games mode is just as much fun as these two!