The Curse of Game Pass

Game Pass is one of Microsoft’s best Xbox initiatives but is it too much of a good thing?

Xbox’s Game Pass service is by far the best thing I have ever spent money on in terms of gaming. I live off of Game Pass. The service’s catalogue is so vast and keeps growing with new additions rolling in each month. Quite literally, there is always something to play.

Since signing up for the service, I have ended up spending a lot of time in games that I would have never paid mind to. Game Pass is a wonderful service and it works well. However, it does feel like a curse at times.



There are so many games on Game Pass right now that oftentimes I don’t know where to begin. For example, I’ve been meaning to try Alien Isolation since it was added to the service but I haven’t actually started it yet.

Every time I want to try a new title on Game Pass, something else comes along that I’ve always really wanted to play and I dive headfirst into that. Shadow of the Tomb Raider was added to the library for some time, and I never got into it due to being sucked into playing the Batman Arkham Remasters.

Shadow of the tomb raider

You can see where I’m going with this. There’s just so much to play and so little time. Sadly, one can’t play all the games unless your entire life revolves around gaming and you have zero responsibilities. Due to this, I don’t really get excited about what may or may not be coming to Game Pass anymore.

Recently, the new Kingdom Hearts game was added to the Game Pass catalogue and I honestly don’t know if I’d get chance to play it because I am neck deep in DOOM (another game in the library.)

Should I adopt a polygamous gaming habit? I tend to stick to one story-driven game before moving onto the next but the rapid pace of Game Pass has made that difficult.

DOOMBinge Culture?

Like Netflix and Amazon Prime, Game Pass plays on binge culture, which involves consuming as much of a product as we can as quickly as we can so that we can move onto the next thing.

There’s hardly any waiting till next week for the next episode or finishing a game before a new one comes along that grabs your fancy. Despite how good these things are and how easy it makes it I can’t help but ask, is too much of a good thing bad?