Disney Toybox Yoda Review

I was lucky enough to snag a Toybox Yoda. Here is a quick review of the figure!

Yoda is one of the most iconic characters from Star Wars. The little Green Jedi Master is loved by many with his backward talking and his small stature. From his debut in The Empire Strikes Back, fans of all ages have had a special place in their hearts for Yoda. When Disney Infinity (RIP) announced their Star Wars edition all those years ago, it was a no-brainer that Yoda would be on the list of characters. Then came the Disney Toybox toyline and again, Yoda was on the list of characters to have his cartoonish Disney Infinity look adapted to a small action figure.

The Box

There’s nothing too special about these boxes other than their big window display of the character. The box does protect the figure quite a bit and is durable. As far as boxes go, it does its job.


The Figure

Yoda looks amazing in this heavily-stylised design, with the lines on his face and his cartoonish sculpt standing out. He has a very clean look to him and I love the little white hair around his head. His ears are long and pointy and he has one hand for holding his lightsaber while the other hand is fixed in a ‘Force Push’ kind of pose.

His robe is a soft plastic though there isn’t much articulation that it could have gotten in the way of if it wasn’t. As a bonus, you get a Ghost or Transmission Yoda as well. No articulation on this one though. It is more of a small statue but this Ghost Yoda is resting on his cane, which is what you’d expect from a Force Ghost Yoda anyway.


Due to his size, there isn’t much you could do with this Yoda. His head can turn and his arms can spread out. His wrists can rotate and his legs can kick forward just a little bit. He also has a waist cut that is actually very well hidden.

The cartoonish style isn’t for everyone but I’d highly recommend this Yoda figure for fans of the character. It can be found on the Disney Store official site but not on Amazon. So, finding him may be tricky. Overall, this is a good figure for what you’re getting.