Star Wars Battlefront 2: The Age of Rebellion Update

A quick look at Star Wars Battlefront 2’s newest update!

No matter which era of Star Wars is your favourite there is no denying that the Original Trilogy era has a special place in the Star Wars mythos. It was no surprise that fans of the Star Wars-themed shooter, Battlefront 2 were begging for more Original Trilogy era content, especially in the new mode, Supremacy. And, finally, DICE has delivered in their latest The Age of Rebellion update, which brings new reinforcements and additions to co-op mode.

New Reinforcements

Added on the Rebellion side is the Ewok Hunter, which is an odd choice as now we will see little Ewoks on planets other than Endor. The Ewok Hunter has a bow that can switch between auto-targeting or manual aim for greater control or output. Their horn ability distracts enemies by revealing the Ewok’s location but buffing their damage output and resilience. This would be perfect for ambushes.

The Ewok Hunter also has the dreaded Wisties Pouch which can be tossed at enemies. These things hurt when on the receiving end. I feel really sorry for the Stormtroopers now that the Ewoks are everywhere and not just in the terrific Ewok Hunt horde mode. The Ewok’s last ability is their Hunter Instincts which highlights foes and allies in the general area.


On the Imperials side, the ISB Agent from the animated show Star Wars: Rebels enters the fray. Her pistols are good for close to midrange and can fire off a charged shot at enemies.

Her assault training ability increases her speed and reduces damage while on the move. She has a buff for surrounding allies and can reveal enemies much like the Ewok Hunter’s instincts.

ISB Agent

New Weapons

New blasters have been added for all trooper classes. These can be further modified by completing tied objectives to each blaster. These objectives are normally ‘Get X amount of kills with this weapon’ so I’m pretty sure players will have these new blasters kitted out in no time.

It’s good to see the addition of something tied to the expanded universe in the form of the Rebels animated series. Hopefully, some more Clone Wars characters are added in future as well as new maps and updates dedicated to The Clone Wars animated series, which has just launched its new season on Disney Plus. But one thing we do know is that Rogue One content is inbound very soon.

It’s an exciting time to be on the Battlefront!