Star Wars: The High Republic: A New Era

A quick look at the newly announced Star Wars: The High Republic.

The Skywalker Saga is over. The story is done and dusted for better or for worse. But this does not mean Star Wars is over and Disney just reaffirmed this fact to fans with the announcement of Star Wars: The High Republic era. The news is still quite fresh but they revealed a lot of exciting information and fans are losing their minds!Star Wars new era

What is The High Republic Era?

Set a few hundred years before The Skywalker Saga, this series of books and comics will focus on what is being dubbed “The Golden Age of the Jedi and the Republic”. These stories will feature lots of Jedi action and exploration in an unknown era of the Star Wars universe.

Not much else is known about this new era other than there will be lots of adventures to be had and a ‘space Viking’ faction of raiders has taken up the mantle of the big bad plaguing the universe.

Books and Comics

The writers on board for this new venture are no strangers to Star Wars. These writers have penned modern stories within the Star Wars universe like Charles Soule who penned the comic series Star Wars: Darth Vader and Claudia Gray who wrote Star Wars: Lost Stars to name a few. This must be an exciting time for these writers as previously they had written books about already established characters in an established era. Now they have their own timeline and their own characters to tell stories of their own. (I envy them.)

This new venture will include novels for all ages and I like how the art style changes between the books that are designed for each age group. The comics will be published under the Marvel name. There was also some talk about a frontier Jedi so…cowboy Jedi? Yes, please!

I wonder how far the heads at Lucasfilm and Disney plan on taking this? I’d love to see video games and films set in this newly announced era. It’s an exciting time for Star Wars. I hope this is the start of a new Golden Age for the Star Wars franchise as a whole. Here’s the video below.