Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville’s Magical New Character

A look at the new upcoming Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville character.

It would appear that the rumours and leaks were true. The next character to join the Battle for Neighborville is the Zombie Wizard! But this isn’t the only news about the game. A new map and some new events were also revealed in the trailer featured below.

New Character

The Zombie Wizard looks really goofy with his long beard, staff and long hat. He looks like a zombified Merlin, which makes sense in a weird way. Will he be a support character? Will he be an attack character? Nobody knows.

In the trailer, he is seen jumping on another character in the form of a zombie star (yes, that is a thing apparently), so maybe he is a duo character like the Space Cadet and Acorn? So, many questions, though he looks like a good counter to Rose over on the Plants’ side. I’m looking forward to seeing more of his customisations when he drops next month.


New Turf Takeover Map: Preserve Pastures

A game mode that was in dire need of some more content was the beloved Turf Takeover mode. This new map is a quaint little farming village with wooden barns and crops dotted all over the map for some extra eye candy. This map is bustling with charm and I really hope it ends up being a PvE map as the game could do with more of those.


Luck O’ Zombie

Sadly, I have been away from home this month and was unable to really invest any time in the Valenbrainz event. But next season is called Luck O’ Zombie and features a lot of green and gold. This Saint Patrick’s Day event will also launch the new Wizard character. It’s an exciting time for Plants vs Zombies players!