Fortnite’s Year Has Officially Started

A look at some highlights from Fortnite’s first season of Chapter 2.

I was sitting at Cape Town International Airport and I just overheard some guy talking to his friend about the new Fortnite season. The new trailer had just been uploaded all over the internet. The excitement was thick in the air and the obnoxiously long Chapter 2-Season 1 had finally come to an end with a long-overdue sigh. But that isn’t to say it was not an eventful season. So, before we dive headfirst into the game-changing Season 2, here is a quick look at some of the highlights from the previous season.


The Fortnitemares event is always a lot of fun but last season knocked it out of the park with the arrival of a boss fight in the form of The Storm King. It also featured some user-made maps in the form of Creative mode and had amazing looking skins with a spooky Halloween flare. Fans are looking forward to the next Halloween event which will probably look to improve on this one.

Storm King


The Winterfest event was a lot of fun and, being a Christmas-themed event, was full of surprises. From the virtual Cabin (that has influenced the new season) to the free presents, Winterfest was loved by fans and it really was special. It’s a fact that Christmas time is always special in the Fortnite world. The previous Winterfest just cemented that fact.


Fortnite X Star Wars

The Star Wars event was a huge marketing act for the new film. Film director J.J Abrams  was rendered in-game and spoke to the audience to show a small snippet of The Rise of Skywalker. There was a dogfight in classic Star Wars fashion and with it, lightsabers all around the map players could use as well as Star Wars-themed skins.

Star Wars

Harley Quinn

Not so much a surprise as everyone was suspecting this would happen after the Batman Event last year. The Birds of Prey lead had her own skin in-game which catered to fans of the character. She came with her Suicide Squad outfit as well as her new outfit. Fans are eagerly awaiting a Joker skin now. We have Batman and Harley already so it would just make sense. Below is a leaked image by renowned Fortnite Leaker @HYPEX


Rick Rolled

Never gonna give you up…ahem, sorry. The song turned meme turned troll found itself as an emote in Fortnite recently with Epic Games teasing fans by sharing an odd video about a polar bear but when opening said video it was just some characters doing the classic Never Gonna Give You Up dance and then it turned out that the Rick Rolled dance and song was now an emote in the game. Even Rick Astley got in on the fun commenting he had been Rick Rolled by a fish pretending to be him. So, there’s that.

Fortnite is onto a good start for 2020. As a fan, I’m looking forward to seeing what they do next.