Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 2 Overview

Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 2 is live so here is a quick overview detailing what to expect.

Transmission Intercepted: Fortnite’s Chapter 2 Season 2 is awesome! Boasting a spy theme paying homage to the 007, Mission Impossible and The Incredibles franchises, this season features some big gameplay changes and tough choices for players. This season is outlined by the addition of new Points of Interest (POIs), new skins, a new menu for the Battlepass and a surprise collaboration with Marvel.

Spies Galore

Characters are being activated all around the island, disappearing into strange new locations. The beloved Peely character (the humanoid banana) now has a tuxedo and sips martinis. There are huge nods to James Bond in the form of a character who has golden hands and turns everything he touches to gold (Goldfinger, anyone?) A shark island (Austin Powers, anyone?), evil lairs (Dr. No anyone?), a soundtrack that sounds like it was ripped off of The Incredibles, and some weird guy dressed in red talking to an invisible audience while blowing things up.

New Gameplay Mechanics

The newly introduced POIs are guarded by NPCs. Once knocked down, they can be looted for a keycard that reveals other enemies. We got a tease of this during the Star Wars event last season in the form of Stormtroopers that were guarding crashed TIE fighter sites.

From crawling in air vents to using disguises to gain access to vaults full of high tier loot, these sites are a ton of fun and really change the game up a bit.

Deadpool has Dropped

To everyone’s surprise, the Merc with a Mouth himself has entered Fortnite in the form of this season’s ‘secret skin’ but being Deadpool, he obviously couldn’t keep the secret to himself for very long. It will require a lot of grinding but never before has there been such a collaboration in the battlepass.

Marvel is no stranger to teaming up with Fortnite and there are rumours we might get a Black Widow event for the new movie when it drops. But it seems everyone is too busy freaking out over Deadpool to think that far ahead.



This season is set to end on 31 April. Could we see a James Bond skin enter the game? It happened with John Wick 3, so it isn’t impossible. Can you imagine a Bond skin that had different styles that featured every look Bond has had from Connery to Craig? That would be amazing but alas, I am just reaching here.

Fortnite’s new season is live right now for those who want to jump it!