Toy Fair 2020 Predictions

Some predictions for next month’s New York Toy Fair 2020!

The New York Toy Fair is one of the highlights of my year. Kicking off on 22 February, this convention is basically the E3 of the toy world. It is where toy companies like McFarlane, NECA and Hasbro show collectors their plans for the rest of the year and our bank accounts cry softly in the back of our minds at the impending doom they face.

It’s one hell of a time! Now, I’m no psychic but that hasn’t stopped me from wondering what exactly we’ll see this year. So, here are my predictions (and things I’m hoping for) from The New York Toy Fair.



Predators! Predators everywhere! NECA Toys have already teased that we’ll see some more Predator goodness at this year’s Toy Fair. But I can’t help but wonder if we’ll see more of their upcoming Iron Maiden Pharaoh Eddie that is slated for release later this year. So far, the figure looks like a mix between the cover version and the Legacy of the Beast Iron Maiden mobile game.

NECA seems to really like their Toony Terrors line so we could see some more iconic horror characters in this line. I’d personally like to see this line expand into other genres too like a Predator or Rambo or even a Terminator. No doubt NECA will flaunt their recently revealed ‘TMNT: Turtles in Time‘, line which features the iconic turtles in their retro video game decals.



Please! More Fortnite: Legendary Series reveals! Jazzwares is killing it with their six-inch Fortnite figures as well as their smaller scale figures. However, with their recently released Ragnarok figure being praised by so many, I so badly want to see which other Fortnite characters they pull off in this line.



With Star Wars, Marvel and Overwatch under their belt, Hasbro has a lot of ammunition for this year’s Toy Fair. I honestly have no clue what they could show off. But I do know it’ll be cool. No doubt we will get a better look at figures from the upcoming Black Window movie but I’m stumped for new reveals.


McFarlane Toys

Well, McFarlane Toys just showed off the big bad dragon, Alduin as a figure. He looks really mean and I’m so hoping we see more of their Elder Scrolls line this year. They also recently revealed two characters they will be releasing in their Fortnite line next month but I have a feeling they are holding back a lot of Fortnite reveals for Toy Fair seeing as though this line revolutionised the company.

No doubt we’ll see even more of their DC Multiverse line. CW Arrow-verse Flash maybe? Dark Knight Returns armoured Batman? Hell, Gotham by Gaslight Batman? Or better yet, a Batman: Holly Terror version of Batman?! I’m also lowkey hoping we see a Black Suit Superman as well.

I’m keeping my eye on McFarlane this year, especially on their Mortal Kombat line seeing as though a Spawn figure leaked online recently. This is the version of Spawn that appears as a guest in Mortal Kombat 11 and is fully articulated…oh joy. You can find the leaked image all over the internet. It makes sense as he is an upcoming DLC character for the game slated for a March release, so maybe this figure will come out alongside that release? Hmm, so much speculation!


Are you looking forward to Toy Fair? Let us know in the comments!