McFarlane Toys: DC Multiverse Line Revealed

A look at McFarlane Toy’s new DC Multiverse line!

Last year, it was announced that McFarlane Toys acquired the DC Multiverse license and since then collectors and fans alike have been eagerly waiting to see more from what McFarlane Toys had to offer to the DC Comics series of characters.

Well, not only did we all get a look but the figures released recently and the collectors who were lucky enough to get their hands on some of them before they were all sold out (I am not one of those collectors, unfortunately) have been praising the new line. So, which characters are in this wave exactly, you ask? I’ve got you covered…

The Batman Who Laughs

Seriously, is this a joke to you? How could they not start with the sadistic and iconic The Batman Who Laughs? This figure has horror written all over him. He has quickly become a fan favourite and the figure looks really good as well. That’s why he got the first spot.

Batman who laughs


This is a really good looking Batman figure if I do say so myself. Though I’m not sure how I feel about that hard cape. Other than that he looks mean and ready to hug his parents and punch bad guys in the face…and he’s all out of parents…



It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s McFarlane Toy’s Superman figure, which looks really good! The colour pops and he looks as bulky as you’d imagine. Again, a hard cape though, I’ll have to have the figures in hand to see how it affects articulation.



This is a solid looking figure. I don’t know much about Dick Grayson’s exploits as Nightwing but going on the merits of good looking toys, this guy ticks all the boxes.


Batgirl: Art of The Crime

I have no idea what storyline of Batgirl this figure comes from but my-oh-my she looks cool! The yellow really pops and its colour scheme reminds me of the 1970’s Batsuit (the best batsuit). She looks like she can be a fun figure on the shelf.


CW’s Green Arrow

Recently the CW’s Arrow came to an end after a very long and successful run but that doesn’t mean characters from the series can’t see their day in the world of action figures. This figure is based on Oliver Queen himself and it looks like a really nice figure. I wonder if they will do more characters from the Arrowverse?


Harley Quinn

Some say she is Joker’s biggest victim, others say she is more dangerous than the Clown Prince of Crime but one thing is for sure, she’s Harley freaking Quinn! This figure looks really good and her hammer looks nicely detailed. I can see a lot of fans rushing to get their hands on her for their collection!


Batman: Hellbat Suit

No idea where this comes from but Batman in an armoured mech-suit is something that grabs my attention. He looks big, bulky and like he can break your bones if you knock him off the shelf by mistake…


Superman Unchained Armour

What? Superman has a mech-suit too?! And, they made an action figure based on this suit? Need I say more?


DC Animated Series

The DC Animated Batman, Superman and Green Lantern all get the action figure treatment and their cartoon art style follows them well on action figure form. The only thing I’m concerned about is that Batman and Superman’s backs seem to arch back a bit. But other than that these look really good.

Will you be picking any of these up?