A Retrograde Look At Star Wars Battlefront: Battlefront II (2017)

The final instalment of our dive into the Star Wars Battlefront games.

Probably one of the most controversial games in recent memory, Star Wars Battlefront II (2017) started with all the wrong notes. Pay-to-win microtransactions and loot boxes akin to gambling caused such a stir that courts started to take a look at what exactly was going on with this game on launch.

EA faced a lot of backlash and pressure from not only players but governments as well. Their system was flawed to say the least. Everyone who looked at and played the game praised it for being a solid shooter set to the backdrop of Star Wars but also slammed it for featuring an outright greedy progression system that rewarded fat wallets over actual playtime.

But as is the trope that is becoming all too common with games these days, Battlefront II crashed and burned only to rise up like a phoenix after it did away with its flawed progression system and loot boxes and is now sitting comfortably as one of the best comeback stories this side of No Man’s Sky.



I recently bought the game during a Black Friday sale though I’ve been following it from day one of launch. I’ve watched countless Youtubers over the years talk about how the game was changing and I think I picked the right time to jump into it.

There is a lot of content, not as much as the previous Battlefront II but a lot more than Battlefront 2015. From The Clone Wars to the Sequel Trilogy era, this game has been keeping me quite busy lately and that was even before the new Rise of Skywalker content drop happened. Currently, I’m drowning in new things like new reinforcements and maps and there is even more on the way.


This is Battlefront

From the sounds of blaster fire to the terrifying sound of a Lightsaber down the corridor, this really puts me in the shoes of a soldier on the frontlines of a Star Wars battle. The graphics are amazing, the sound effects phenomenal and it all plays well with fast shooting and movement.

They have added fan favourite heroes and some customisation here and there. The game is a lot of fun to drop into with some friends and push the objective. It’s reminded me why I love shooters so much and why I love Star Wars Battlefront.


The current state of this game is a testament to what happens when companies focus on pleasing rather than squeezing players. And it shows. The title is fun and better off for it than it was upon launch.