Sony Releases PS5 Logo and More at CES 2020

Sony revealed more details about the upcoming PlayStation 5 at CES 2020 (including a groundbreaking logo.)

Earlier this week at CES 2020, Sony revealed the logo for the upcoming PlayStation 5 (PS5), which, if you’ve seen the internet memes, is not much different to that of the PS4. Although the logo may seem unexciting, it does follow Sony’s formula of sticking to what they know best. 

Besides the logo reveal, the console manufacturer also took the time to talk about some of the features of the upcoming PS5. It was revealed that the console will have an ultra-high-speed SSD, 3D audio sound, hardware-based ray tracing, haptics/adaptive triggers, and Ultra HD Blu-Ray support.

We already knew about some of these features, so the reveals weren’t all that surprising. Sony Interactive Entertainment’s president and CEO Jim Ryan did say that they would have more information to share in future. As the PS5 set to release later this year, unsurprisingly, many would like to know more about it sooner rather than later.

Fans will just have to keep waiting until Sony decides to let the public know more about the upcoming PS5. Hopefully, it proves to be more exciting than the logo reveal.

How do you feel about the PS5 logo?